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An easier way to get paid: Zettle Reader

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About Paypal Here

PayPal Here is a card reader that links to PayPal for instant transaction and bank transfers. It offers inventory management, multiple users, a range of reports, and supports Android and Apple Pay as well as credit and debit card payments. The application works on both Apple and Android mobile and tablets and works through a Bluetooth connection to the card reader and Internet connection for transaction processing. As the application and hardware is made by such a large payments firm, the interface is aimed at comprehensive reporting and large sales volumes.


PayPal Here has a range of features that suit large companies and businesses processing transactions in multiple countries.

  • Accepts Apple and Google Pay, contactless payment (NFC) and chip-and-pin
  • Magstripe for international payments
  • Card reader can be used abroad, but the currency of transaction must be GBP
  • Reporting system is comprehensive, using the full PayPal interface
  • Receipts can be printed on a range of receipt and home printers
  • Setup takes 15 minutes only, but you must apply and be accepted for a PayPal Here account
  • Battery life of 7 days or 100 transactions
  • Software can be used by hundreds of staff members, each with individual logins and credentials, at no cost


The PayPal Here reader is compact and robust, coming with a USB charging cable. There is a digital screen that confirms pairing, payment processing and charging status. The reader is designed to fit in the accompanying stand or into PayPal-made lanyards for extra protection and portability.


The PayPal reader can be used with a range of different mounting chargers for table tops or retail stands, with a charging tower for multiple readers also available. It is also compatible with car cigarette lighter chargers and Belkin charging packs.


PayPal Here can be used with any size of business and is more widely used by big businesses than its competitors, partly due to the reach of PayPal as a company.

Tax compliance

All data is fully exportable by CSV, with payment information and transaction history reportable being fully customisable through PayPal’s main interface. It is compliant with the HMRC’s new Making Tax Digital rules.

Data security

PayPal Here is PCI PTS S-RED 3.0 compliant, as well as UKCC and EMV Level 1 and 2. Its customer support team includes a dedicated fraud prevention team that can be used in the event of any issues.


PayPal Here has a community forum with an archive of troubleshooting discussions and fixes that goes back several years. There is a UK and international support line, which is open from 8am-9pm Monday to Saturday, and 9am-9pm on Sundays. There is also a Twitter support service, which can be found here.

Costs and fees

The PayPal Here card reader costs £45 + VAT, with free shipping in the UK. There are no setup fees associated with establishing an account, although applications may be refused. Transactions fees are determined on a sliding scale; 2.75% per transaction for £1500 a month or less in payments, 1.75% for up to £6,000 a month, 1.5% for up to £15,000 a month, and 1% for monthly sales in excess of £15,000.


Social media

PayPal Here doesn’t have its own separate social media channels, but you can follow PayPal on Facebook and Twitter.


Because of PayPal Here’s connection to payment giant PayPal, it is a slightly different package to its competitors, offering comprehensive reporting, robust security and international payments (albeit with only GBP supported). It is used by businesses of all sizes, but because of its sliding scale for transaction fees, it is more commonly used by companies processing larger transaction volumes.

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PayPal Here Reviews

4.2 of 5 stars
3 Reviews
4.2 of 5 stars

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  1. While it works well, there’s no escaping the fact that it’s expensive to use unless you’re processing over £10,000 of transactions on a regular basis. I also find that the buttons aren’t as responsive and are less robust than on Zettle. - from Terence J. | 22. November 2019
  2. The thing that marks PayPal’s reader apart from others is that it has a built-in swipe payment. But the main reason to give the reader 5 stars is that it doesn’t ever fail with its connection, and despite some of my staff’s best accidental efforts, it’s virtually indestructible! - from H. McIntyre | 1. October 2019
  3. The actual reader itself is expensive compared with other alternatives, but it is robust and does everything you’d want of a card reader. Plus, the instant payment to a PayPal account is a bonus. - from Sebastian Cunha | 6. September 2019

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