An easier way to get paid: Zettle Reader
An easier way to get paid: Zettle Reader

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About Square

Square is a POS provider that offers a complete business system, including employee management, forecasting, and multiple-location options for its payments system and software. It has also developed a card reader, Square Reader, which facilitates payments from multiple cards and devices without a wired connection.


Square has focused its services on location and employee management, marketing themselves as offering a full business management system that goes beyond taking and recording payments. For example:

  • Create employee access levels and report on individual sales and records.
  • Clock-in and clock-out system for time management.
  • Set different prices for different locations for the same product.
  • Set up new locations in under five minutes.
  • Square Analytics allows for detailed reporting on every aspect of sales and employee performance.
  • Card reader is portable and wireless, with Bluetooth connection to terminal or smartphone/tablet.


The Square reader uses BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) to connect to Apple or Android smartphones and tablets, however, the Square store offers an iPad add-on to its stand and advertises compatibility with all old and new Apple devices first and foremost. The Square Stand comes with three USB connections for the charging dock, tablet, and receipt printer.

Accepted cards

Square accepts Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Maestro, Visa Electron, or Vpay but it doesn’t support Discover, JCB, or Union Pay.

Data security

Square is PCI-DSS level 1 compliant and uses SSL encryption for data transfer. No card numbers are stored in the application and security updates are installed automatically.


Square has a large list of articles that are intuitively organised on the website. They also have FAQs and regular updates on industry security issues. For full support, customers are required to create an account to receive personalised assistance as Square do not advertise email and phone details.

Costs and fees

Square tries to keep pricing simple. There are no long-term commitments or hidden fees as you pay for what you need and you never pay when you’re not using it. They also provide additional tools and added extras for free such as real-time analytics and PCI compliance.

Square Reader will cost you £29 + VAT. Chip and PIN or contactless payments are charged at 1.75% and they accept every major card for the same rate. You can also take card payments from customers over the phone using Virtual Terminal or you can use invoicing or eCommerce payments.


Social media

Square have tweeted over 12,000 times since setting up their social media. You can follow them on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.


Square is a widely used POS provider that offers one of the market’s smallest card readers and standard POS hardware (stand, dock, receipt printer, and tablet/smartphone compatibility). Its focus on multiple employees, monitoring sales, and being able to differentiate prices between stores have made it popular among vendors with multiple locations to manage.

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Square POS Reviews

4.1 of 5 stars
4 Reviews
4.1 of 5 stars

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  1. It’s easy to use and works well on tablet and mobile. The only fault I can find is that if you have any issues, there isn’t any customer service on weekends, which is a bit frustrating if you operate 7 days a week like we do. - from Tracy Smith | 17. January 2020
  2. If I’m being picky, I’d like to be able to future date invoices (you can’t) but otherwise it’s a good system. It isn’t much different to Zettle to be honest, so it comes down to a matter of preference rather than anything else. - from JohnnyB361 | 13. January 2020
  3. It’s a good and simple system and I like that you can add different permissions for employees without really paying much for the privilege. That said, it’s frustrating that you are tied into Square products alone; you can’t use other card readers with the system which means if you make the change, all your old products are useless. - from Ricardo Boyd | 14. September 2019
  4. You know when a system offers its features with no kind of tie in that they are confident in the service they provide. I’ve been using Square for several years and I can’t say I’ve found a single reason not to recommend them as the best POS system out there. - from Oscar | 5. September 2019

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