An easier way to get paid: Zettle Reader
An easier way to get paid: Zettle Reader
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About Zettle Reader

Zettle Reader is a card reader and app, which has compatibility with Android and both the Apple iPad and iPhone. Its USP is that it is completely mobile, meaning that it can be used by sole traders as well as small and medium-sized businesses. It accepts payment from a range of methods, including mobile payment apps such as Samsung Pay. Connections are made via Bluetooth, the card reader has an 8-hour battery life and it comes with a compatible fast charger.


Zettle’s main features are focused around making the service accessible in as many different situations as possible and being quick and easy to use.

  • Uses low energy Bluetooth to ensure a longer battery life and low impact on the app device
  • Accepts Apple, Samsung and Google Pay, contactless payment (NFC) and chip-and-pin
  • Accepts payment from credit or debit cards
  • Invoices can be emailed to customers
  • Includes a range of sales reports, both historically and live
  • Setup takes a matter of seconds; all you need is a paired Bluetooth device, and email address and your bank details
  • Payments transfer in 1-2 business days
  • Sell online and in-store with a single inventory


There are two card reader options for Zettle – the Zettle or the Zettle Reader 2. The latter was released at the end of 2018 and the former is likely to be phased out. The updated reader also features smart power-up to save energy and anti-slip rubber for non-flat surfaces. It has also got rid of the magstripe from the earlier model.


The Zettle card reader comes with a charger and a sticker for your counter to show you accept card payments. You can also buy a Bluetooth receipt printer that connects to the reader, to turn it into a mobile store.


Zettle’s focus on being mobile makes it ideal for businesses with multiple locations, or pop-ups, such as the street food industry. It is also widely used within hospitality and mobile retail, such as markets.

Tax compliance

All transactions and products can be exported to Excel for forwarding to accountants. Receipts are numbered and product information is recorded.

Data security

Zettle adhere to PCI PTS 4.1 and the hardware and software are designed to be tamperproof. If any tampering is detected, the card reader self-destructs. Credit card information is fully encrypted.


For support, there are a range of videos and tutorials on the site. There is an online form for support queries out of hours, or a phone line for office hours, with extended hours for subscribers to the Pro service (8am-8pm or 9am-6pm at weekends). So you have access to maintenance support if you need it.

Costs and fees

There are no contracts and no setup fees. The application is free, but the card reader costs £29 + VAT. Card transactions are charged at 1.75%. The upgrade to Go Plus is £29 a month, but is a full e-commerce package. Sales are charged at 2.5% each for the upgrade.


Social media

Zettle are quite active on their social media channels; you can follow them on Facebook and Twitter.


Zettle is the UK’s most used card reader. It is easy to set up and use, compatible with all types of card and payment apps, and does not charge setup fees or lock users into contracts. Its energy-efficient Bluetooth connection and one-touch reporting function make it widely-used amongst small and mobile businesses, and it has positioned itself as the preferred provider for independent start-ups.

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Zettle Reader Reviews

4.5 of 5 stars
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4.5 of 5 stars

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  1. We’ve got several of these and there’s almost always some kind of deal on so you can pick them up for £19 each. We haven’t needed to use the plus service; the basic Zettle works fine and while they have heavily advertised the upgrade to the reader 2, there weren’t too many changes from the old one. - from Thomas William | 28. November 2019
  2. I would say that Zettle seems to prioritise its Apple compatibility over Android, but there isn’t much difference other than how quickly updates become available. The Bluetooth pairing is robust and we haven’t had any major issues so we’ll continue to use them. - from Carlos | 6. October 2019
  3. Zettle have added a couple of features to their card readers that help you when you’re actually selling products, like a grippy surface that stops the reader from slipping and a really good battery life. It’s a solid product and it helps us get out there and sell more of our product. - from Clarissa J | 16. September 2019
  4. Great card reader – robust, easy to use and the battery life seems good too. We haven’t had any connectivity issues and it accepts payments from basically everything, which is great because we don’t want to be turning customers away! - from ST Hughes | 4. September 2019

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