An easier way to get paid: Zettle Reader
An easier way to get paid: Zettle Reader

Android POS systems

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POS systems are varied these days, with far more options for all budgets and industries. And where it was once the case that if you wanted a tablet POS system, it was iPad or nothing, this is now no longer the case. Android is here and it’s very much POS-compatible.

What are Android POS systems?

Android POS systems are essentially exactly the same as iPad systems. The POS software you use can be installed via the Play Store, and the tablet then acts as a terminal; exactly as a desktop screen would, but touchscreen. The tablet is compatible with the POS system accessories – receipt printer, till, card reader and software, and you use the system exactly as you otherwise would.

What are the best options?

The five best-selling vendors in the UK all offer Android compatibility; Zettle, SumUp, Square, Epos Now and PayPal POS, with their software optimised for usage on tablets and smartphones.

So, in terms of options, it comes down to the little things and, often, the industry you’re working in.

Square and Zettle, for example, are geared towards small and medium-sized enterprises within retail and hospitality, with inventory-focused features like being able to sell online and in-store from a single product list with Zettle Pro.

Whereas SumUp has fewer features but is economical and at the opposite end of the spectrum, Epos Now offers completely different software configurations specifically aimed at leisure, retail and hospitality.

Best POS systems

What do Android POS systems cost?

While Android compatibility is very much an option nowadays, it is still commonplace for the large vendors, such as Zettle, to quote for system bundles that include an iPad by default.

And if you would prefer a cheaper Android tablet, then you will have to source it yourself. This is no problem at all though, as POS vendors list their compatible devices, and then it’s just a case of downloading the software app via the Play Store and away you go – you just need a tablet with WiFi capabilities, and for it to be a fairly modern model.

Epos Now, though, do offer a bundle on their website, which includes a 10-inch Samsung Galaxy tablet, for £598 + VAT. That’s an immediate £250 saving on the same bundle but with an iPad. And, of course, if you do decide to use a cheaper Android tablet, you’ll save an extra few pounds.

What are the advantages of Android POS systems?

Android POS systems are more portable than conventional terminals, and being wireless adds to this feeling of mobility and convenience. And with smartphones and tablets ruling the roost in terms of development and ubiquity, you will get regular updates to your software, as well as a strong likelihood that staff will be automatically familiar with navigation and general use.

But the main advantage of an Android POS system is that they are by far the cheapest way to get a full system setup. And with monthly leasing or outright options readily available, POS systems have never been more affordable.

And the disadvantages?

Of course, the disadvantage of Android over iPad is that the majority of the tablets aren’t quite as reliable, robust or intuitive.

If you’re using an Android system for the sole purpose of saving money, there is a fine line between saving and compromising the integrity or functionality of your system.

That said, Samsung Galaxy tabs such as those that Epos Now are offering as a bundle, are state-of-the-art and come with excellent overall ratings. And while security used to be an issue with Android as the OS is so much more open than Apple products, this is no longer as big a difference.

If you’re thinking about a tablet-based POS system then, the signs are good. They are cost-effective, interactive, reliable and provide both security and compliance. The main choice for a business is whether to choose iPad or Android as their vehicle for the POS software, and this will often come down to personal preference and familiarity.

Best POS systems

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