An easier way to get paid: Zettle Reader
An easier way to get paid: Zettle Reader
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About SumUp Card Reader

SumUp has two card reader products available; the Air card reader, a Bluetooth reader with app that can be used with either Apple or Android devices, or a standalone 3G card reader – SumUp 3G – that operates with its own 3G internet connection and needs no separate software or screen to operate. The company has aimed their products at small to medium-sized businesses with low or occasional sales volumes.


SumUp’s card readers offer features geared towards maximum portability and ability to interface with mobile devices such as tablets or smartphones.

  • OLED display for transaction confirmation
  • Uses low-energy Bluetooth connection (Air)/internal 3G network (3G) to operate
  • Accepts payment from credit cards, debit cards and Apple and Android payment apps
  • Accepts chip and PIN as well as contactless (NFC) payment
  • Uses a rechargeable Lithium-ion (l-ion) battery for a lifespan of over 500 transactions per charge (Air)
  • Payments transfer within 3 business days


The SumUp Air card reader runs from a rechargeable battery and is built around being energy-saving, with a low-light OLED screen and energy-saving Bluetooth connection to your smartphone or tablet. It is compatible with micro-USB fast charging. Meanwhile, the 3G card reader includes a full keyboard with a slightly larger screen, for typing email addresses for electronic receipts.


SumUp isn’t big on creating its own in-house accessories, but Air is compatible with a range of receipt printers that you can buy online. Both Air and 3G come with a USB charging cable in the box.


SumUp is aimed at businesses with unpredictable, intermittent or seasonal sales and its full POS packages are geared towards retail, hospitality and the service industry.

Tax compliance

As transactions are stored on the app (Air), reports can be generated for accounting purposes that fulfil Making Tax Digital requirements. For the 3G card reader though, transactions go directly to your bank account and you would then need to use separate accounting software to generate compliant reports.

Data security

SumUp’s card readers are PCI PTS certified and the company is PCI DSS approved, meaning that data is safe and encryption is compliant with UK laws.


SumUp’s support offering pushes you towards using their online service, where you can type your query and bring up an article to solve your issue. However, they do have email support as well as phone-based customer service, the latter of which is open from 8am-7pm Monday to Friday, and 8am-5pm on Saturdays.

Costs and fees

The Air card reader costs £19, while the 3G model is £99. Both terminals operate a flat transaction fee of 1.69% and there is the option to connect the 3G model to SumUp’s proprietary software and virtual terminal but at a cost of 2.95% + 25p per transaction.


Social media

You can follow SumUp on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.


SumUp is designed around simplicity for small businesses and casual users. It is easy to set up, offers low transaction fees and there are no setup costs or lock-ins. It also offers one of the cheapest card readers around. The 3G alternative is quite unusual but is aimed at true portability, with not even a mobile phone or external internet connection required to operate it.

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4.5 of 5 stars

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  1. It’s extremely cheap, lightweight but robust and works perfectly every time. I couldn’t be happier with my decision to use Sum Up for my bakery! - from Marge B. | 14. October 2019
  2. Sum Up is great and has changed the way I do business. I recently bought one of the 3G readers too, and I can now use it without a mobile phone or iPad, which is a great security feature if you’re moving around making sales most of the time like I am. - from Dominik | 19. September 2019

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