An easier way to get paid: Zettle Reader
An easier way to get paid: Zettle Reader

Find out everything you need to know about POS systems such as Zettle, SumUp and Square, compare the top providers and read reviews from other users!


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SumUp is a POS provider that offers smartphone and tablet-enabled software to go with its Bluetooth card reader, or a standalone 3G reader.



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Vectron is a POS terminal provider, offering third-party card reader connectivity and a range of terminals and software setups to suit small and large businesses.


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On, you can find everything you need to know about modern POS systems, card readers, and software. All the POS systems you find listed on this site meet the legal requirements for GDPR in the UK and EU. They also help you with complying with the new Making Tax Digital (MTD) requirements.

In addition to the information we provide and comparisons, you will find first-hand user reviews for a range of POS systems to help you make an informed choice.

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Types of POS systems

The market for POS systems is ever-growing but the different systems can be distinguished by the main industries to which they cater:

Also, some providers such as Epos Now have maximised their market offerings by putting together software and hardware packages for each of these industries.

POS systems differentiated by hardware

1. iPad-compatible POS systems

iPad POS systems work by turning Apple’s flagship tablet into a touchscreen POS terminal using software installed via the App Store. Other devices can be connected via Bluetooth or GPRS. Generally speaking, POS apps tend to be free as standalone software, however, some providers sell complete hardware packages including
card readers, receipt printers, routers, and even the tablet devices themselves as part of a bundle.

At, we help you understand the differences between POS iPad providers and how they work.

2. Android/other tablet-compatible POS systems

Apple may rule the tablet market, however, this does not mean that POS systems are limited to the iPad. In fact, Android is just as accessible for POS, if not even more so. Furthermore, the main POS providers have long been offering software that is compatible with both Apple and Android. Indeed, all providers that we mentioned above can be used with Android devices as well as iPads.

3. POS terminal systems

Of course, you are not restricted to using tablets or smartphones with modern-day POS systems. Several providers also offer purpose-built touchscreen units that look like desktop monitors but store customised software and offer connectivity to the other hardware devices on your systems such as receipt printers, card readers, and WiFi devices.

You can read more about the main providers and the relative advantages and disadvantages of POS terminal vs POS tablet software here.

Best POS systems

What are cash register systems?

Cash register systems are full POS systems that consist of several components:

  • Cash register program
  • Computer unit (terminal)
  • Card reader
  • Receipt printer
  • Cash drawer
  • Extra handheld terminals (optional)

These systems can typically be networked, which means that you can use one programme in several locations simultaneously while storing data in a central location (such as the cloud). This is useful for multiple retail stores or other industries where multiple sites or remote working is common.

What do cash register systems cost?

You can expect to pay over £1000 for a full package. Click here for more information on pricing and specifications.

What are mobile card readers (mobile payment)?

Thanks to mobile card readers, you can now accept payments via debit or credit cards anywhere. Card readers complement most POS systems in modern business and extend the ability of businesses to offer card payment as an option by being completely portable.

All you need is internet access, although many card readers can be used offline for a short time. Data is uploaded at a later stage once a connection is available. Connections to card readers are generally made via Bluetooth from a smartphone or tablet. All the main vendors offer contactless (NFC) payment.

While card reader providers charge fees for payments, they are not astronomical, with Zettle, Square, and SumUp offering low flat fees. Alternatively, PayPal Here operates a sliding scale, which is inversely proportional to sales volumes.

Mobile card reader providers have proven effective in the digital age, especially as their record-keeping is flexible and fail-safe. This is particularly pertinent in 2019 as Making Tax Digital regulations come in to effect in October.

Best card readers

What do card readers cost?

Card readers are not expensive and the main vendors don’t ask for contract terms or monthly services unless you want to take advantage of extras such as Zettle Pro, for example.

The cost of a reader roughly is between £19 and £50 in the UK.

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For tax and data security information, check out our up-to-date information here.

If you have any further questions, take a look at our FAQs section. Also take a look at our interview with Carlos Barros from eposnow.

And, of course, our customer reviews not only give you information about what first-hand users think about POS systems but it also gives you the chance to leave your own POS system review.

Best POS systems

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