An easier way to get paid: Zettle Reader
An easier way to get paid: Zettle Reader
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About Vectron

Vectron is a multinational POS vendor, offering a wide range of touchscreen POS setups, as well as several customer-facing terminals. Their software system works on desktop and mobile applications as well as through the terminals. There is also a handheld touchscreen terminal that is waterproof and operates as a Bluetooth-enabled payment system. Vectron don’t produce their own card readers, instead preferring to allow connectivity with select third-party readers, scanners and cash registers for greater flexibility.


Vectron have produced a software package that is customisable to a range of different business applications.

  • Multiple terminals available, including waterproof, handheld terminal
  • Third-party connectivity for card readers and other accessories
  • Mobile app is Android and iOS compatible
  • Monthly subscription service with a wide price range
  • Software can be configured to several different business settings, including bakeries, hospitality businesses and hotels
  • Transaction fees vary depending on third-party terms
  • Separate software tools for recording payments and business processes, and for in-depth data analysis


Vectron offers a choice of three different terminals, varying in size from 12” to 15” screens. Widescreen options are available on the larger terminals, and all hardware above 12” is touchscreen with swipe functions inbuilt. There is also a handheld version of the hardware, the MobilePro III, which works using Bluetooth.

The company have also produced a range of customer-facing terminals, for displaying live receipts or for scrolling marketing and logo display. They also have a spin-off company, Duratec, which offers the full range of scanner, receipt printer and separate software app.

Accepted cards

Vectron have built their system to be compatible with a range of third-party payment providers. As such, the list of accepted cards and payment types depends on the third-party vendor.

Data security

Vectron don’t advertise the security of their terminals, partly because their hardware connects to third-party systems. However, they partnered with MOBOTIX in 2018 to provide cloud-based, secure video analysis of sales activity. MOBOTIX’s products are all GDPR compliant.


Vectron run a loyalty scheme called bonVito, which allows you to gain access to new products as well as having a direct line to the company’s support network.

Costs and fees

Depending on the terminal, Vectron charge a monthly fee as follows:

POS MobilePro III: From 49 Euros per month
POS Touch 12 II: From 87 Euros per month
POS Touch 14 Wide: From 69 Euros per month
POS Touch 15 II: From 99 Euros per month
POS Touch 15 II Wide: From 99 Euros per month

Prices vary depending on contract length, system sizes and configuration requirements.


Social media

Vectron have active Facebook and Twitter accounts for their UK branches, although they are more active on their Australian Facebook page.


Vectron is a large POS provider with a headquarters in Germany, meaning that the majority of their compatible third-party card reader suppliers are also German. They have a presence throughout Europe, as well as in Australia and South Africa. Their variety of terminals is eye-catching, as is the waterproof, handheld terminal option and the range of software setups to cover several types and sizes of business.

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  1. We have been using Vectron POS systems in several branches for 4 years and are completely satisfied. If questions or difficulties arise, then the dealer is easy to reach and takes care of a quick solution or answer. For more than 1 year we have been using the marketing module bonVito for table reservations and vouchers in addition to the POS systems. Here, too, everything works very well. - from Frank McClure | 16. January 2020
  2. We have been using a Vectron POS system in our hotel for 6 months now. After a short time we bought 2 mobile devices. We are very satisfied. The installation went smoothly and the dealer is always available and can help us with any questions. We mainly decided for Vectron because so far we had only heard good things about the systems. - from Shoun Turgoose | 6. January 2020
  3. We have already bought the second Vectron POS system for our restaurant, the first one was bought already 12 years ago. We have a super service on site which you can also call late in the evening if something doesn't work, yet it was extremely rare. The most user-friendly POS system we ever had. Our restaurant has about 120 inside seats and 85 outside seats, as well as some guest rooms. Top product, I won't go away from it anymore. - from ChanGilgun | 12. December 2019

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