An easier way to get paid: Zettle Reader
An easier way to get paid: Zettle Reader


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About Worldpay

Worldpay Inc. is America’s largest payment processor, with 400,000 merchants worldwide. Its card reader operates via a Bluetooth connection to a smartphone or tablet loaded with the Worldpay app. Like other POS card readers featured on this site, it is geared towards portability and flexibility, with multiple payment methods, including apps, accepted and a long battery life to stand alongside full days’ trading.


Worldpay’s main features are in line with its competitors in that ease of use for small, mobile businesses is its main aim.

  • Bluetooth connection to smart device with WiFi for uploading and storing transaction records
  • Accepts a range of credit and debit cards, as well as Apple, Samsung and Google Pay
  • Accepts chip and PIN as well as contactless (NFC) payments
  • Secure account with Worldpay based on successful application
  • Payments transfer in up to 3 business days
  • 24-hour customer support
  • Online record of transactions for accounting and live monitoring
  • POS software features product cataloguing which can store stock levels


The Worldpay card reader comes with a charging cable and directions for app installation. The reader itself operates on low power and has a solid OLED screen for transaction confirmation.


The Worldpay card reader can be paired with a receipt printer, cash register and receipt printer to form the Worldpay POS system. There is also an optional barcode scanner available.


Worldpay’s card reader is aimed at retail, hospitality, leisure and food and drink. With two different pricing options, it covers both small and larger businesses.

Tax compliance

All transactions are recorded and reports can be generated through the software for tax purposes. As with its competitors, Worldpay’s record-keeping helps you with MTD compliance.

Data security

Worldpay is PIC DSS approved, and its card reader’s compliance bolts on the overall compliance model of the overarching company, Worldpay Inc. As such, data is secure and details are encrypted.


For Worldpay customers, there is a 24-hour support line for queries and emergencies, such as card reader failure. You can also browse a wide range of FAQs on the website.

Costs and fees

The card reader itself is £69 + VAT, or you can choose to pay monthly at a cost of £4.99 + VAT, with an 18-month contract as a minimum. If you choose the former option, then transactions are charged at 2.5%; however, with the 18-month contract, the cost goes down to 1.5%.


Social media

You can check out Worldpay on Facebook or Twitter, but these are the accounts for Worldpay as an overall company; they don’t operate separate accounts for the POS/card reader services.


Worldpay is another of the large financial organisations with a POS and card reader facility for businesses needing to be more portable with payment collection. You must apply and be approved for an account, but once you have been successful, setup is quick and there is the option to pay for your reader monthly (18-month minimum) to access a lower interest rate on transaction, or pay as a single up-front charge with no contractual tie-in.

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1 Reviews
3.5 of 5 stars

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  1. The features are all there and everything works as it should, but it feels like there isn’t a price plan that suits me particularly. The Pay as You Go is quite expensive for the reader, but I also don’t like the 18-month tie-in alternative. - from Fred Cowen | 20. September 2019

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