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An easier way to get paid: Zettle Reader

PayPal POS

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About PayPal POS

PayPal is a multinational online payments system that operates worldwide and has an annual revenue of over 15 billion US dollars. It also offers a full POS and mobile card reader system that operates through a PayPal Business account, allowing businesses of all sizes in the UK to accept card payments from a range of providers. PayPal’s multinational status also means that the card reader can be used abroad, albeit with restrictions to charging in pound sterling only.


PayPal POS’s main strength is that it is backed by a flexible multinational payments system that specialises in instant access to funds. As such, it is used by businesses of all sizes.

  • Payments deposited in PayPal account immediately and can be withdrawn to your bank account straight away.
  • Use PayPal business for a range of reports and monitoring, all fully up to MTD standards.
  • It provides robust security and encryption.
  • Bluetooth card reader can be used with smartphones, tablets, or POS terminals through third parties such as Vend.
  • A range of custom options are available, including cloud-based and customised software, for bespoke fees.


Aside from the Bluetooth card reader, PayPal POS also produces protective iPad cases for POS terminal use, lanyard cases for card readers, and docking stations that can fit multiple terminals simultaneously. There are three taxi bundles which are TFL approved. Additionally, PayPal POS is compatible with a range of receipt printers as well as Epos Now’s POStoGO customised systems, which include terminals with custom software to suit industry type, receipt printers, barcode scanners, and more.

Accepted cards

PayPal POS accepts Visa, Mastercard, Maestro, and American Express credit and debit cards with chip and PIN, contactless (NFC) or magstripe/signature payments, as well as Apple and Android payment. There is also the option of digital PayPal transfers for customers who don’t have their cards with them or who don’t have compatible devices.

Data security

PayPal POS is PCI PTS S-RED 3.0 compliant, as well as UKCC and EMV Level 1 and 2 compliant. Its customer support team includes a dedicated fraud prevention team that can be contacted in the event of any issues arising.


PayPal POS has a community forum with an archive of troubleshooting discussions and fixes that go back several years. There is a UK and international support line which is open from 8am-9pm Monday to Saturday, and 9am-9pm on Sundays. There is also a Twitter support service, which can be found here.

Costs and fees

The PayPal POS card reader costs £45 + VAT,with free shipping in the UK. There are no setup fees associated with establishing an account, although applications may be refused. Transactions fees are determined on a sliding scale of 2.75% per transaction for £1500 a month or less in payments, 1.75% for up to £6,000 a month, 1.5% for up to £15,000 a month, and 1% for monthly sales in excess of £15,000.

There are also a range of cloud-based packages that start at £20 a month; prices depend on individual cases. Similarly, with POStoGO packages from Epos Now with PayPal POS card readers, prices vary on a case-by-case basis as the package and software is fully customisable.


Social media

PayPal POS doesn’t have its own separate social media channels but you can follow PayPal on Facebook or Twitter.


Because PayPal POS is part of PayPal, it can offer a larger range of reporting options compared to its competitors. It can also offer varying rates to larger businesses, which means it appeals to a wider market. As payments can be received instantly, it is popular with businesses that reinvest their revenue frequently. Also, its cross-compatibility with a range of specialist POS providers such as Epos Now means that it offers a level of flexibility that can’t be matched by its competitors.

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PayPal POS Reviews

4.5 of 5 stars
2 Reviews
4.5 of 5 stars

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  1. Here’s the thing – if you’re a small business and you use the PayPal POS system, you’re doing it for the peace of mind that your system is backed by a major organisation. However, I’ve found that the system is expensive compared with other options as it’s more suited to much larger operations than mine. - from Sanjay Singh | 18. October 2019
  2. If you use it with a standard PayPal account, then you basically have the ability to take payment in any way at all and you get the advantage of a much wider suite of reporting options than with other market leaders, as well as a wide range of cloud storage options and lower fees if you’re processing large volumes. - from Frank | 9. September 2019

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