An easier way to get paid: Zettle Reader
An easier way to get paid: Zettle Reader

iPad POS systems

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It’s been a long time since POS systems were large, cumbersome till-based affairs.

These days, offerings are more portable and far more technologically advanced. Among the myriad of options for buying POS systems is an iPad system – here’s what you need to know.

What are iPad POS systems?

Essentially, an iPad POS system involves a piece of software that can be installed on an iPad, which then acts as the computer and database that the POS system runs on.

You don’t need a till (although this is an optional add-on), a keyboard or a mouse – you can use your iPad as you would normally, or have multiple iPads within your business, and a wireless connection to a card reader for payment.

What are the best options?

The most used POS iPad POS systems in the UK are

Zettle and Square are quite similar in that they are designed to be portable, on-the-go POS systems for small businesses and pop-ups, while Epos Now offers a more comprehensive POS experience for larger enterprises, and integrates a larger, better quality till.

In terms of setup though, the main vendors all offer very similar functionality; even PayPal, who offer a slightly different experience because of their connection to the payments giant, still comes with the same equipment for a standard POS system.

Best POS systems

What do iPad POS systems cost?

If you’re just using the software, then most POS systems, like Zettle for example, offer free setup and a small, one-off fee for a card reader (both Zettle and Square charge £29 + VAT).

For the full system though, prices vary depending on setup. For an Zettle receipt printer, till, stand and ready-to-go WiFi iPAD, you’ll be paying £738 + VAT.

For a similar setup from Square, the cost is similar, but you have to build your own bundle in the UK and add an iPad separately. Epos Now, meanwhile, comes in at £849 + VAT.

What are the advantages of iPad POS systems?

First off, having a portable system means more mobility and the option to have multiple terminals means that you can have mobile staff members with the POS software in hand, which is ideal for table service, for example.

Familiarity is a big plus, with iPads being universally used and intuitive for today’s workforce. They also look cool and modern, which has an impact on the way that physical customers perceive your business, and being touchscreen is ideal for use on the move.

What about the disadvantages?

iPad POS software sometimes is a work in progress, which can mean a few glitches or delayed updates through the App Store.

Also, with increased portability comes increased breakages; there is certainly more risk of damage to your equipment, so it pays to get a decent protective cover.

Finally, with one of the main benefits being the ability to add on extra terminals to make the most of the POS software, the notion that iPad POS systems save money on price isn’t necessarily accurate, as you may end up spending over £1,000 on devices alone.

iPad or Android?

iPads are the best-selling tablets for a reason; they are well-made, provide an excellent user experience and are very reliable.

There are also several POS software options that are tied to iOS. But none of these options are from the main vendors, with Zettle, Square, PayPal, and Epos Now both working with Android or iOS.

And while iPads are typically more secure, the gap has closed dramatically, meaning that Android POS systems are now an attractive option for customers.

Principally, this is because they are cheaper and there are no tie-ins to the app store, meaning that you get a much greater choice than you do with Apple.

So, there are several reasons to choose an iPad (or Android) POS system, and the most popular UK vendors already sell packages including devices to show that their software is geared towards tablet usage. And their portability, technological capabilities and ease of use mean all mean that a tablet POS system is certainly worth a look.

Best POS systems

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