An easier way to get paid: Zettle Reader
An easier way to get paid: Zettle Reader

POS systems and tax office regulations

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Do I have to buy a new system due to new regulations?

In short, if you’re already using a good POS vendor, then you don’t need to buy a new system.

In fact, by using POS, you’re ahead of many businesses who aren’t yet doing so. Regulation is heading in the direction of complete digitisation, so having a POS system makes sense, and the market will only grow over time.

The importance lies in setting up correctly, and this is where you might want to pay for a tutorial or a premium service so that you are completely clear on everything.

If you’re not currently using a POS system, there has never been a better time to start doing so. Not only are there many options, but the developer companies all have to be compliant to be competitive, and you can be far clearer on how you will comply with MTD and GDPR.

Best POS systems

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